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 The late call for abstracts is closed, thank you for your participation!

All abstracts notifications have been sent to the authors by email, if you didn't receive yours, please contact us at


Click HERE to check out the list of the authors that were awarded the JUNIOR MEMBER GRANT of the 1st Call for Abstracts



1. Preparation:

- We recommend using Microsoft PowerPoint (pptx)

- Screen size is "16:9”

- The Adobe Reader, Open office, Prezi or video formats are supported but may require conversion

- The Apple Keynote format is not supported

- If your PowerPoint presentation contains videos, we recommend using the “.wmv” or “.mp4” formats

- If your PowerPoint presentation contains sounds, we recommend using the “.wav” or “.mp3” formats

- It is recommended to not put any text or graphs in the lower right corner


- Consider setting the sound of your videos in "mute" mode if you do not want to play sound during your presentation

- When using a particular font, check the option to embed fonts in the file (File / Options / Recording)


2. Storage:

- Your presentation must be finalized and copied on a USB stick, or an external hard drive

- A backup of the presentation on second drive is recommended

- If your presentation contains videos, remember to copy them in the same folder as the presentation.


3. Uploading your presentation at the conference:

- We recommend bringing your presentation in the preview room, at least two hours before your lecture

- You will be welcomed by specialists who will copy and check your presentation with you



Dimensions: height 120-150 cm / width: 90 cm

Fixing material will be handed out at the registration desk


Posters set up: December 12 from 9.00 am

Printed posters will be displayed in the posters area (level -2 next to the exhibit area) from December 12 till December 14 at 11.00 am (any poster left after 12.30 pm on December 14 will be disposed of by the conference management).


Posters presentations 

Poster presenters are encouraged to stay by their poster during coffee breaks to answer questions from participants.

We have a special poster sessions highlight on Friday, December 13 during all coffee breaks, we specially encourage you to be present by your poster during these times.